Sunday, October 25, 2009


We had a language exam this morning, but afterwards we were done for the day. Erica and I went to the market where we both bought capulanas, the very ornate cloths that women use for everything here: wrap skirts, carrying babies, headwraps, etc. You can take capulanas to the tailors in town and they can make you a shirt, skirt, or dress, so I am planning to have some beautiful dresses made.
This afternoon Jordan, who does all kinds of dance, gave me a tap dance lesson. I plan to be a pro when I return. At 3 a whole bunch of us met up and walked to the very edge of town (right next to the Swaziland border) to play futbol (soccer). Way more of us than are allowed to be in one place at once were there, either watching or playing, and some host brothers and other random kids joined in. By the end of the game, we were all the reddish brown color of the dirt—our ankles were just caked in it. It took so much water to bathe tonight—there are few times in my life I have ever been that dirty.
Tonight the power went out (which it still does every night and yet everyone still seems mildly surprised) twice. My mom and I went and stood in the front yard. The power had gone out in the entire neighborhood and it was the time right before complete darkness where everything is silhouetted—so beautiful. Due to our curfew and a fear of mosquitoes, I have yet to see the stars down here but I want to, especially to see the Southern Cross.

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