Saturday, October 10, 2009


“Dosed” just played in the background of a commercial on TV here (they are probably watching a Brasilian telenovela or something) and I thought of BellaMafia! Miss you guys. Yesterday I finally worked up the nerve to ask questions about my host family. My host cousin is 7 and his mother lives in the little shack twenty feet behind our house (though I have only seen her once and that was at church). When I asked why he lives here instead of with his mom, my host mom said that he wants to be with his grandmother. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what I was told. Here is the kicker, I found out that the 13 year old girl who lives here and who was introduced as a cousin but they treat more as a maid is the aunt of the father of my host mom’s 3 year old son. She is technically the great aunt of my 3 year old host brother! I made my host mom explain that one a couple times because I thought I must have misunderstood! I am currently wearing a capulana (the traditional piece of cloth here that is worn as a skirt or headwrap or used to carry babies, or can be made into a shirt) my host mom gave me after I complimented hers. The colors and patterns on many of them are beautiful.

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