Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The water was supposed to be on on saturday but it never came on and hasn't since then so we have essentially been out of water since saturday. We were all planning to do our laundry over the weekend but with no water we haven't been able to and you find yourself asking "i mean, exactly how dirty is it?" yesterday afternoon i went to a baptism party where i saw multiple men and women open glass soda bottles with their teeth. I thought that was a joke, I had no idea civilized, grown-up people actually did that. Last night we had a huge storm and our house has a metal roof, so at times you couldn't even hear other people talking. Today we have our 45 minute lessons. The idea of getting up in front of others and speaking for 45 minutes in portuguese about chemistry was pretty daunting! I wrote everything out so most of my speaking was pretty good, but at one point a colleague asked a very good question and I really struggled in answering because of my limited vocabulary--extremely frustrating.

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