Friday, October 2, 2009

Hi! So after 31 hours of traveling (leaving the hotel at 2:30am, hanging out at JFK, a 15 hour plane ride, hanging out in the Johannesburg airport, another plane ride) we arrived in Maputo (the capital of Mozambique) yesterday! We are Moz 14, the 14th group to be sent to Mozambique, and there are 65 of us distributed between health, english teachers, and science teachers. We have met a ton of wonderful people who will be training us over the next 10 weeks, including our training manager who told us that our resumes and aspiration statements were just awful! She told us she will save them for our closing of service interviews so we can have a good laugh at them then. We are staying in a very nice hotel now (which we have been told to cherish and not expect ever again) so I have no good Africa stories to tell yet! Missing everyone!


  1. Hi Scooter...I just signed up to follow your blog. My daughter is part of Moz 15! I talked to her today and she told me she has been assigned to your site! I'm so excited for her! It's good to see where she'll be for the next two years.