Saturday, October 10, 2009

today i was chased by a man with a knife. we went to maputo for the day and when we were walking back to our chapa (the van/buses here that they squeeze a ridiculous number of people into) we saw a group of people on the street ahead of us scatter so we stopped walking. a guy had a knife and just seemed to be running at people randomly. when he started to come at us we turned and ran slowly but then he started to actually chase us so we sprinted down the block and turned the corner but luckily he didnt continue following us after the turn.
i had been dutifully writing blog posts each night and saved them to my flash drive so i could post them once i had internet but now this public computer wont read them. the short story: things are going well here. they keep us busy. my house has electricity but no running water. every once in a while i just wish i could wash my hands by rubbing them together under the water instead of using one hand to hold the damn cup, but thats just life now!

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  1. so i'm tuning in a bit late and though i have running water i also have a 2-handed-wish! haha seoul is not the uber westernized country it hopes to mislead people into believing. for the past few months i have not been able to wash my hair with 2 hands! my "shower" has been a shower-head which chills in the middle of the bathroom (which is effectively converted into a shower-room when the shower-head is turned on bc there are no barriers creating an actual shower-space). i have to always hold the shower-head as i shower leaving me one hand short at all times. how have you been washing your hair?