Thursday, October 22, 2009


The Peace Corps finally came by today to put up hooks and rope to properly hang my mosquito net, so hopefully I won’t be waking up with it wrapped around my neck anymore. It looks quite pretty actually. I like to think of it as my princess canopy bed, rather than my anti-malaria-carrying-mosquito net.
This week we are each teaching a lesson again but we have now moved up to 20 minutes, rather than 10. I gave mine today and I thought it went pretty well actually. One of the systems the Peace Corps recommends is community content-based instruction, so making your lesson relevant to the kids’ everyday life. For my lesson about chemical equations today I used the recipes for two local dishes, matapa and xima, as examples. We are having a session solely on vocab and pronunciation later this week which will be really helpful because some of my pronunciations are quite bad.
I was planning to wash my hair tonight but we are almost completely out of water so I will wait until tomorrow.

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  1. Scooter, you're obviously a princess; a princess without malaria.
    Great idea for the lesson. Cooking is all about chemistry anyway. 40 & drizzling in maine today. so gross.
    miss you.
    p.s. your blog (& sporcle) have become my go-to procrastination activities. thanks for that.